About EnergizAIR

The renewable energy weather forecast - Europe


EnergizAIR aims to add positive indicators about the part of the energy needs that were covered thanks to renewable energy sources in the actual weather forecast.
Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia will welcome this upgraded weather forecast, with

  • 15 different media
  • An audience of 4 million people
  • 5 supporting websites with the renewable energy weather forecast and tools to link it with rational energy use
  • A methodology to transfer the concept to other countries




EnergizAIR is needed to add a cultural dimension to a subject that has been mainly addressed as a technical and environmental issue. Energy is part of every citizen’s life. Energy management and consumption are linked to our cultural background, our values, our ideas about all sorts of issues. Using the weather forecast as a dissemination tool for sustainable energy will make the difference in terms of approach, media and results.


EnergizAIR will address a major need by filling the gap between two issues that are generally separately considered by people but are still deeply interlocked: energy consumption and renewable energy production. This will be done by communicating about energy needs covering by renewable energy. The less energy you need, the bigger covering you get with renewable energy!


By bringing renewable energy into the living-rooms across Europe, EnergizAIR will add a qualitative, informative and positive take on renewable energy in the European citizens’ daily life. This will help to build understanding and confidence in the renewable energy market, actively supporting the acceptance of the three 20% targets.



Objectives and main steps


Main objective? To set up an operational “renewable energy weather forecast” tool in France, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Belgium that will be widely broadcasted (4 million people reached at least) on a weekly basis at first.
What do we put in the weather forecast? Production data and energy needs covering indicators about three technologies: PV, solar thermal and wind turbines.


How do we get there?

  • Partnership to secure with the media
  • Production data to acquire for photovoltaic, solar thermal and wind energy
  • Data management software to implement to generate the indicators
  • Graphic translation to prepare for the media
  • Massive communication to be organised about the concept
  • Means to sustain and transfer the action to be assessed.


Expected results


  • Actual broadcasting of the renewable energy weather forecast in 5 countries
  • One European website and 5 local supporting websites
  • Interactive tools linking renewable energy with rational energy use
  • Training for the weather anchors
  • A methodology to transfer the concept to other countries